Irish Trad Band - Some Folkn' Craic

About Us

Gaelic Brew – Descendants of Mythical Ireland
Ireland's Most Popular Traditional Irish Ballad Band with a lively Rock Sensability.

Long, long ago, fadó, fadó in an enchanted Emerald Green Isle there were legends and heroes, fairies and leprechauns, warriors and ghosts, giants and banshees, saints, scholars and storytellers.  From Fionn MacCumhaill to the Children of Lir an island of tall tales emerged from beneath the rugged Atlantic. An undocumented past that is revived and recalled from vivid, although colourful imagination, creating a spectacular and enchanted land and yielding a culture and a people with a talent in the graceful art of bullsh1t and entertainment. (or whatever your having yourself Mick)

It stems from this heritage and folklore 3 band members with an unconfirmed but fairly reliable bloodline to some of Irish history’s finest myths. Thus by creating Irelands GREATEST band GAELIC BREW!!!!

The following are the members of Gaelic Brew and a description of their descendant lines.

Evin O Riordan – A direct descendant of the great Lámha Mhór (Big Hand). Lámha Mhór was said to be the biggest hand in the land, a huge bog man that could cut a stack of turf faster than mrs Doyle could make a cup of tea.

Frank Maguire – A direct descendant of the warrior Ceann Dearg (Red Head). Legend has it Ceann Dearg was the fieriest man in all the land, which was considered a charm with the ladies back in those days, thus leading to todays term, “fire in the head, fire in the bed”.

Evin O’Reilly – A direct descendant of the legend Deoch Laidir (Strong Drink). A heroic figure in Irish mythology, the creator and inventor of strong potions that we now call alcohol. Although he was thought to be an evil wizard and was condemned to death for this trait, most people were too merry to give a damn.

Gaelic Brew are the modern day re-callers and revivers of their mythological ancestors, and they strive to continue the heritage of tall tales and entertainment and will engage with anyone willing or unwilling to listen.

Whether this creative passage is true or untrue it provides you with absolutely no information what so ever about the band. So we advise you get in touch on the modern day communication device for more information. 087/9834864